KittyKoin roars to life!

KTYForce is a community group exploring KittyKoin, a fully decentralized token. KittyKoin has no admin keys and its full supply has been fair launched on Uniswap for anyone to buy.


Fully Decentralized, No Admin, Liquidity Locked

The KTY Token and Ecosystem

The KTY token was fair-launched and is fully decentralized. There are no admin keys or any privileged accounts, and no future minting. KTY's full supply is locked in Uniswap V3 LP pools. The LP tokens have been locked to ensure the liquidity is permanent.

  • Fully Decentralized KTY token has no privileged accounts. KTY token's full supply is released through a Uniswap V3 that gives everyone the chance to buy at the same curve.
  • Backed by ETH the Uniswap V3 LP pools through which KTY is released is locked forever (through sending the owner token to a burn address). This ensures the ETH used to purchase KTY is forever used to back KTY.
  • Community Supported Due to its limited supply, KTY serves as a store of value, or a memetoken, which can evolve to be used for any purpose by its community.

How to Buy

How to Buy

Buying Process

The best way to buy KTY tokens is through Uniswap V3. This is the official exchange for KTY tokens, as specified in its whitepaper. As token names can be cloned, make sure the specific KTY token you are buying is 0x1a36c461a902e0be4ee334df0817fb828a357358.

  • Name:KittyKoin
  • Ticker:KTY
  • Address:0x1a36c461a902e0be4ee334df0817fb828a357358
  • KTY Starting FDV:30 ETH
  • KTY Ending FDV:3 million ETH
  • Max KTY Quantity:10 billion
  • Future minting?No. All KTY tokens that will exist has been released into the Uniswap V3 pool

While you may buy KTY from other DEXes or CEXes, you must trust these exchanges directly.

About the Koin

KTY and what its about

KittyKoin is a freestanding token. Is it a memecoin, a utility token, or a community token? Perhaps a little bit of each. KTYForce is a support group that is helping understand the coin just as you are.
You can own million or hundreds of millions of this token. With 10 billion tokens max supply, everyone can get a few. KTY is up multiple times since its launch.

KTYForce is a support group for KittyKoin (KTY)
KittyKoin has no admins.
Max technical supply of KTY already all permanently placed on Uniswap.

How to Get Started

Quick Start

Step 1: Create Metamask Wallet

Make a MetaMask Wallet -- either a desktop/laptop or a iPhone/Android mobile app works. This will let you interact with the Ethereum blockchain, including KittyKoin.

Step 2: Send ETH to your wallet

You can use MetaMask directly to buy ETH, or you can first buy in on Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc. Ensure you are using the ERC-20 network when transferring ETH.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to Uniswap

Use this direct link here to access the Uniswap pool for KittyKoin. Click "Connect Your Wallet" on the upper right hand corner, and you can now exchange ETH for KittyKoin.

Step 4: Swap ETH for KTY

You can start swapping as soon as you have ETH. Use the link above and you can input as many ETH as you like to get KittyKoin back.

Support KTYForce

Donate to KTYForce

Donate to KTYForce

Donate to KTYForce by depositing ETH or KTY (ERC-20) into the following address: 0x63d37814D4ea4fdd73C20d0c5FbC57140684B5DB

KTYForce is a support group

KTYForce is a community / support group for KittyKoin, which seems to have no official site (other that its whitepaper on pastebin).

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Help through Amazon Smile

We endorse the Blind Cats Rescue nonprofit to help cats in need live a better life. You can shop on Amazon Smile and help the charity directly!

Uniswap Starting Value of 1 ETH
3 billion KTY
KTY Hard Cap
10 billion
Permanent Support Pools
Final KTY Release Price
30,000 KTY/ETH

Meow Chart

KittyKoin Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Permanently Locked

Max Supply (Guaranteed Hard Cap) - 10 billion

  • 20% 30-300 ETH Fully Diluted Value (FDV) Market Capital
  • 20% 300-3000 ETH FDV Market Cap
  • 20% 3K-30K ETH FDV Market Cap
  • 20% 30K-300K ETH FDV Market Cap
  • 20% 300K-3M ETH FDV Market Cap


Frequency Asked Questions

KTYForce is first and formost a support group and community for KittyKoin, much like Apple Fan Club is to Apple Inc, or Bitcointalk is to Bitcoin.

The initial liquidity of KittyKoin was placed by the Launcher into 5 Uniswap pools, and then the admin keys to these pools were burned, which means the pools can never be removed.  This means that if anyone buys KTY using ETH from these pools, the ETH they use will be permanently locked in that pool, standing ready to support the price of KTY.

We’ve inspected the code and KittyKoin essentially a totally standard ERC-20 token.  Nearly all the code is taken directly from libraries.  There are essentially no adverse hidden functions — no weird functions on transferring tokens, no hidden minting of coins.  It’s a plain vanilla ERC-20 token with 10 billion max supply.

The one exception is purely cosmetic.  The coin lets any users burn the token in order to write a message in the blockchain. This cosmetic function doesn’t interact in any other way with the ERC-20 functionality.

Note that the price of KTY in ETH increases as more people buy it, as with any Uniswap pool generally.  Thus, 1 KTY isn’t just a constant conversion to ETH.



Karl Scottish Fold
Organizer, KTYForce

Karl the Scottish Fold is the pen name of the meowditor-in-chief of KTYForce. Pictured above is a stock photo spirit-human of Karl.


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